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The Space-Capades of

Chef Excellence 

Part 1.

This project is about a company, Colonial Foundation, and an older robot who gets shot into space accidentally. They're not an evil corporation, they mean well but things just go wrong.

Chef Excellence was born out of my desire to try designing something that was inherently designed poorly.


I thought it would be funny too if Chef Excellence, a chef, had a dumb-waiter in his chest. The fact that it is written on his chest in a bigger font than his name would make everyone in his world naturally call him "the dumb waiter".

He gets fired from his job and is set to get decommissioned by being used as scrap for an Astrobot. As fate would have it, the tracks to the ship switch, and he ends up flying into the unknown cosmos and beginning his adventure.

(Part 1 is about the concept development and Part 2 is his adventure)

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