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Fallout: Old Detroit (Grad Project)

In the Fallout series, atomic bombs destroy civilization on October 23rd 2077, and gameplay usually takes place after this event.   This Fallout project takes place in pre-war Detroit, days before the apocalypse.  


Chryslus Motors Corporation was developing and set to unveil a vehicle

at that year’s Autorama, the yearly event held in Detroit where

companies showcased the coming year’s innovations in science and

consumer products.


Chryslus was showing a car and camper attachment set to be

manufactured called the Starlight. It had a nuclear turbine engine with

a seemingly unlimited amount of atomic power and would, in theory,

last forever. It would have also allowed the military to crush the

communists with their tanks and warships not needing to re-fuel.


The world ended the day it was shown to the public.

The video is from  my grad show and is a series of commercials in-world with my animation at the end.

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